The Armor of God.

Fighting The Good Fight of Faith

Signs of the Times Are Everywhere

How great Is Our God.

Special Singing

Minister of Evangelism

Matt Brandon

Do You Hear The Echo

You are God Alone

I Give My self Away

Proclaim The Over Flow

Cut All Ties

I Held On

Lion And The Lamb

Do It Again

Seven Areas .That We Must Stay Away From as Christians

May we spread the gospel and reach lost souls. Lord we do this for your glory.

What Mercy Did For Me

Yes I Will

 The Mighty Sword of The Spirit Part 1

The Mighty Sword of The Spirit Part 2

Stir Up The Spirit Within You

Congregational Singing

Are You Letting The Winds Affect Your Target

Ain't No Grave

Praise & Worship

Pastor's Word For Today